We partner with school districts, state education agencies, nonprofits, and funders to deliver better outcomes for students and families.

Through a combination of direct services and field-level solutions, our newly launched Education Practice focuses on building capacity for practitioner-led evidence building to help improve decision making and drive outcomes in the education sector. The initiative takes a cross-systems perspective to ensure integration with related social service systems including child welfare and juvenile justice.

Our Approach

Practitioner Driven

Our customized engagements and field-building tools and activities will be informed by our partner needs and respectful of their capacity. Our field building tools and resources will be developed based on what we learn from working with our partners.

Capacity Enhancing

By engaging in our process, our partners will build their own capacity to utilize our methods and apply them to different issues they hope to resolve. Similarly, the tools and resources available through our resource repository will be designed to help practitioners continue to use data better to inform their decision making.


We have a pre-defined process but not pre-made solutions. Our approach is supported by a qualitative and quantitative (as appropriate) review of data and evidence; however, our policy, process, or analytical solutions are based on the results of that work and on input from our practitioner partners.


In addition to being flexible about the solutions we employ; we are flexible about the depth of our engagement with clients. We serve as a client’s “flexible” capacity so that they can continue to move forward even before the “perfect” conditions are established internally.


Bi Vuong, Managing Director

The Education Practice will be led by our Managing Director Bi Vuong. Bi was previously the Director of Proving Ground at the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University, where she worked with states and districts to implement a continuous improvement framework built on meaningful, measurable outcomes. She also launched the National Center for Rural Education Research Networks. Prior to this, Bi was Deputy Chief Financial Officer for the School of Philadelphia.

Project Evident’s Education Practice is still in the early stages of its development. Stay tuned for updates and contact us with any questions.