Project Evident Job Opportunity

Evidence Analyst

Position Summary

Project Evident is embarking on an ambitious proof of concept phase to develop, demonstrate and plan the future of a shared services platform for continuous evidence building in the social sector. As such, we rely on founding team members to deliver results against project milestones, contribute to the success of the overall initiative and build the operating culture and structure for this innovative effort.

Over the next 18 months Project Evident will develop the approach for and deliver at least 7‐10 strategic evidence building plans for nonprofit organizations, run pilots with 3‐4 partners to test evidence and data tools and talent solutions and develop the longer term business plan for Project Evident. Our efforts will help build the pipeline of evidence informed solutions for follow on funding, pay for success opportunities and for rigorous third party evaluation.

At the heart of our work is a shared perspective that the leaders of social innovations should lead the charge of evidence building to improve practice. Their questions, well answered, will inform policy and scale knowledge and learning in line with business and operating realities. Funders, data and technology firms and researchers play vitally important roles in fueling and supporting efforts to improve, build evidence, and scale. Evident is pleased to work with these stakeholders through an innovative shared services approach. We base our efforts in a set of principles for the proof of concept phase, and larger culture of how Project Evident works with organizations, collaborators, and the field.

The Evidence Analyst Role

The Evidence Analyst will report to a Managing Director. S/he will work closely with other senior leaders to develop strategic evidence plans and pilot evidence and data tools. S/he will work directly with executives of nonprofit agencies to collect information on agency evidence needs and agency operations. S/he will also work with Not‐for‐profit organization (NPO) staff to support their use of new tools piloted as part of Project Evident. S/he will compile summaries of existing research on program effectiveness, including research on specific nonprofit agencies as well as research on related program models. S/he will conduct quantitative analysis of publicly‐available data as well as data obtained from individual programs. S/he will author and draft memos, presentation and briefs, and will contribute to the development of strategic evidence building plans.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to the following:

  • Conducting on‐site and phone interviews of NPO executives to understand their evidence needs
  • Assisting with qualitative analysis of information obtained through interviews
  • Reviewing and summarizing research studies and systematic evidence reviews
  • Obtaining, cleaning and analyzing data from NPOs as well as of publicly‐available data
  • Drafting and authoring portions of strategic evidence building plans
  • Documenting and drafting portions of case studies of NPOs’ experiences with Project Evident
  • Assist with monitoring progress of NPOs’ use of third‐party tools included in tools pilots
  • Writing memos and preparing presentations for reporting to advisors and funders

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinating meetings with NPOs, funders, advisory boards and other relevant parties
  • Facilitating aspects of team meetings and maintaining documentation of team decisions
  • Coordinating meetings and providing other supports for the Fellows program

Education and Experience

Project Evident intends to practice a distinctive relationship management approach with nonprofit partners, funders and collaborations, designed to build network and achieve goals. Specifically, with nonprofit partners, we seek to co‐create and leverage experiences to build the field. We are looking for people who are able to contribute to this approach and demonstrate/practice the following principles:

  • Seek Partnership – we may bring expertise but we are not the experts, we are all co‐learners and co‐developers. Actively seeking to bring positive energy, build trust & combine with our team and our partners. Proving a concept is not possible without co‐ creation. It’s not track (personal best) it’s soccer (stretch the field).
  • Check Yourself – acknowledge and actively manage bias, context, self‐image and challenges and be transparent to your team and partners. Ask for help. Be authentic.
  • Add Value, Own the Outcome – regardless of role or position, do what it takes to speak up, engage and advance the work. Make good.
  • Listen, Learn & Follow Up Rapidly – there is no other way to be a trusted advisor.
  • Consistently SWAP – Smart (as in find the smart solution, not be the smartestperson in the room) , Warm (be positive, empathic and caring about the challenges to be addresses) , Approachable (be accessible, open and helpful, generous with time and ideas) & Productive (set goals, be clear on roles, do what we say we are going to do, on time, follow up quickly).

In addition to this principles we are also looking for candidates that have:

  • Bachelor's degree in public policy, economics, sociology, statistics, business analytics, or a related field, and at least 2 years relevant work experience; Masters degree a plus
  • Experience working in a collaborative, team‐based environment
  • Experience working with intermediaries or social programs that serve disadvantaged populations
  • Deep interest in what works efforts in the social sector and eagerness to learn and develop.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • The ability to think analytically and critically
  • Strong quantitative analysis skills, including knowledge of program evaluation concepts
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, with a proven ability to write clear and concise memos and presentations
  • Ability to complete tasks on tight deadlines without compromising quality

Organizational Relationships

  • Experience working effectively with multiple stakeholders who may have evolving priorities. Ability to interface with diverse staff and partners in various domains.

Physical Demands


Work Environment

  • Ability to work with a virtual team and travel multiple times per month.
  • Position preferably based in Boston or New York.

Please send resume and cover letter to Michael Sherry if interested at