We leverage what we learn to help build the field for evidence by sharing knowledge and resources.

We believe that harnessing the power of data requires more than just having the right system, talent, and tools in place. It also requires that we share knowledge and resources so that practitioners and funders understand the importance of continuous evidence building, and increase investment in what works. In addition, we hope these efforts to build the field of evidence will promote policies and regulations that support and nurture continuous evidence building.

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Case Studies

We produce case studies that can help others learn about the challenges and opportunities for evidence building, and accelerate the development and adoption of best practices for the field.

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Conferences and Events

We participate in conferences, funder collaboratives, and events that have the potential to shape the conversation around evidence building and strengthen communities of practice.

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We leverage our wide and diverse networks and communities to convene leading practitioners and funders across sectors to share learning, raise critical questions, and provide practical guidance that can advance the field.


Future Offerings

We are piloting a number of online solutions that will provide access to shared tools and resources that help accelerate learning and foster the development of peer-to-peer communities. Watch this space!


Visit our blog to see what we’re learning and to find out where we’ll be speaking next.