We’ll partner with you to help set and drive an agenda for evidence building that aligns with the program practices and outcomes of the practitioners you support.

Funders—private philanthropies, individuals, and public funders—have a critical role to play in both the success of their grantees’ evidence journeys, as well as the overall development and health of the evidence ecosystem. When we work together, we’ll look at where and how we can make the greatest impact across your portfolio and/or within your organization. We align resources, people and technology to provide a range of direct services to drive impact.

The services we offer include grantmaking solutions, the development of strategic evidence plans, talent accelerators, and technical assistance. No matter what sector or issue you or your organization is addressing, these services can provide you with everything you need to drive better outcomes and alignment with those you support.

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Grantmaking Solutions

We offer services and support for funders who are looking to develop their own evidence-building capabilities across investing and grantmaking, portfolio management, evaluation, and pay-for-performance:

Reviewing grantmaking guidelines to support ethical and fair data and evidence practices

Reviewing impact investing due diligence criteria to prioritize appropriate social, environmental, and financial impacts

Supporting outcome-based grantmaking by providing guidance on the design and structure of payment-by-results and performance-based contracting projects

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Technical Assistance (TA)

We offer technical assistance to help funders with evaluation, technology and data, and outcome-based policy and procurement that allow organizations to engage in activities appropriate for their existing capacity and immediate needs:

Matching talent, and providing access to expert resources and partners to supplement staff capacity

Supporting evidence planning and capacity building for initiatives and investees, including the development of theories of change, impact frameworks, and evaluation plans

Supporting data collection and use, including data preparation, exploration, visualization, and advanced reporting

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Strategic Evidence Plans (SEPs)

We work with funders (and their grantees) to develop Strategic Evidence Plans or SEPs—multi-year roadmaps that guide priorities, investments and activities for continuous evidence generation and program improvement.

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Talent Accelerators

Our Talent Accelerators provide virtual, cohort-based professional development and peer-to-peer learning (virtual and real life) to build capacity, skills, and expertise for data and evidence work.


Let’s partner on your evidence-building journey.