We hold our values deeply as a reflection of who we are as individuals and as an organization. They guide our behaviors and challenge us to build and preserve a culture that we can all be proud of.

The new face of evidence must be grounded in these principles, and we invite our community to help us on our journey to collectively build a truly ethical and inclusive organization and ecosystem.

Humility and Candor

We are frank and honest with each other, while being compassionate and non-judgmental. We earn trust by being quick to admit mistakes, and assuming the best intentions.

Smart, Warm, Approachable and Productive

We are competent and have a broad knowledge base about evidence, nonprofit management, and our sector. We are curious and eager to learn about and be helpful to our clients. We are kind and generous in our interactions. We have an “open door” approach with each other.

Efficiency and Leverage

We utilize our resources appropriately and take financial responsibilities seriously. We respect that our team is virtual and fractional and strive to help each other make best use of time and resources. We value our client’s time and resources and strategically partner with them in service of their mission.


We are clear with each other, our clients, funders, and stakeholders about where we are with the work. We admit where we need help.


We set clear goals and timelines, and take responsibility for meeting them. We are not afraid to flag the need for course correction to make our work better. We hold practitioners, their leaders, and their funders at the center of our work. We are committed to the quality of the work and results over the process.

Ethical and Inclusive

We recognize that above all, our work must hold itself to the highest ethical standard. This means we must commit ourselves to the continuous pursuit of best practices for research and data ethics, privacy, and access. It also means we will strive to uphold the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do.