We believe a new, strategic approach to evidence building will help address the problems nonprofits, funders, and researchers face when they seek to create and run evidence-based programs.

Project Evident is a shared-services platform that offers nonprofits and funders the best available resources for data, learning, and evaluation. We are piloting this approach with a few nonprofits and expect to show proof of concept by the end of 2018.

Our initial model focuses on two core activities. We have also planned other services to offer, to be developed based on our experiences during the pilot phase.

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Learning & Evaluation Center

The Project Evident team will offer learning and evaluation services to a small group of nonprofits and their funders. A key service includes the development of strategic evidence plans for 7-10 mid- to later-stage nonprofits.

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R&D Lab

We’ll test new tools and methods through pilots with 3–4 established evaluators and data and tech collaborators, sharing our learning with participants and the larger field as we go.

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Future Offerings

As we complete the initial phase, we'll explore services to offer in the future based on what we learn about the needs of the field.

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