Project Evident Team

We have assembled a team of leaders with expertise in social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, evaluation, data analytics, research and technology.


Kelly Fitzsimmons

Founder; Managing Director, Network and Strategy

Kelly is a committed social innovator. Previously she served as Vice President/Chief Program and Strategy Officer at the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation (EMCF) where she lead policy innovation, evaluation, grant-making and the early capital aggregation pilot. Prior to EMCF,  she co-founded Leadwell Partners and New Profit Inc., held senior leadership positions in non profit organizations and served on several foundation and social sector boards and advisory committees. 


Scott Cody

Managing Director; Chief Product Officer

Scott is a national expert in using sophisticated analytic methods to improve social programs. His work—which has been featured in numerous publications, media interviews and presentations—combines rigorous evaluation methodologies with data analytics to increase program efficiency and effectiveness. He is acclaimed for his ability to translate complex evidence into actionable intelligence. Prior to joining Project Evident, Scott was Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Data Analytics at Mathematica Policy Research.


Gabriel Rhoads

Senior Evidence Director

Gabriel brings great energy to the challenge of building evidence and improving programs. For nearly two decades he has approached this work from the various perspectives of funder, evaluator, and nonprofit service provider. Shaped by his background as an Ombudsman and a court mediator, his work relies on careful communication to facilitate understanding across audiences and drive action. Prior to joining Project Evident, Gabriel was Director of Evaluation and Learning for the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation. He earned his MBA from Columbia University.


SaraH Di Troia

Senior Advisor, Strategic Operations

Sarah Di Troia is an expert in crafting strategy and operations to drive high growth in nonprofit and for profit organizations. Her experience as an investor, advisor and leader fuels an approach that integrates market insights with the internal change management necessary to realize new opportunities. Sarah is known for teasing order out of the creative chaos of growth and innovation. Prior to joining Project Evident as a Senior Advisor, Sarah was Chief Operating Officer at Health Leads and a Managing Partner at New Profit, Inc.  She earned her MBA from Harvard Business School.


Jason Snipes

Senior Advisor, Evidence and Evaluation

Jason is an expert in rigorous research and evaluation, with over 20 years of experience in education and youth development. He has designed, conducted, and written about randomized trials and has developed innovative analytic approaches to assess the effects of youth programs. Jason has collaborated with practitioners to develop, refine and implement research that addresses their key questions and supports their knowledge building agenda. His work also focuses on communicating research results in ways that are accessible and relevant to non-research audiences. Prior to joining Project Evident, Jason was a Senior Program Associate and the Director of Alliance Research for the Western Regional Educational Laboratory at WestEd. 

Ben Berres

Senior Advisor, Outcomes Technology

Ben is a systems leader focused on the intersection of technology, analytics, and the social sector. His primary focus is on enhancing the impact of health and human services systems, particularly those that support children, youth, and families. He has extensive experience advising across disciplines and sectors, working with clients to create programs and technology solutions. He has worked previously at Partners for Our Children, Accenture Consulting, and UC Berkeley. He holds an MSW and MPA from the University of Washington.