Gov Innovator Interview with Kelly Fitzsimmons

Andy Feldman, host of the popular Gov Innovator podcast, interviewed Kelly Fitzsimmons about the vision for Project Evident.


We need to break the "one study at a time" approach to evidence building.  This approach contributes to the thumbs-up/thumbs-down dynamic that we'd like to help  reset in favor of a more continuous evidence-building function.

This reset requires that we increase the opportunity for nonprofit leaders to be the engine (not the caboose) of evidence building

It's essential that we take a more strategic approach to evidence building and Project Evident will  work with non profits and funders to craft fundable evidence roadmaps that help align stakeholders.

There are misperceptions about motivation - we have found that nonprofits are hungry to engage in evidence building, just in new ways.

Likewise, funders can do a great deal to support and accelerate data use & evidence building - and in many cases - they themselves can use help and guidance to improve their support of this work. 

Most importantly, by creating more access, lowering cost and spreading knowledge, we can promote widespread use of data and  evidence for decision making.

Ultimately we hope to increase the supply of evidence based programs and join with other field leaders to build a better market for what works. 

Listen to the full interview (10 minutes)

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