On Our Radar - March 8

Great resources and ideas from around the web, updated weekly.

  • Making Wise Decisions Toolkit via S.H. Cowell Foundation, B3 Consults, and Public Profit: This new resource is designed to help small and mid-sized organizations choose an appropriate data system, starting with a quiz to identify promising options.
  • Creating a Data Culture via SSIR: One way to create a data culture? Get creative. "By tracking both attendance and daily weather conditions, [Row New York] was able to show which students were still showing up to row even when it was 38 degrees and pouring rain. Those indicators of grit tracked with students who were demonstrating academic and life success, proving that their intervention was improving those students' outcomes."
  • More Community Colleges Using Multiple Measures for Readiness via Inside Higher Ed and MDRC: Think it takes a long time to transform how data are used? A new study finds that 51% of colleges used multiple measures to place students in reading and writing classes in 2016 -- up from just 19% in 2011.
  • When Students Take Tests, Are They Actually Trying? via Flypaper (h/t Real Clear Education): Two new studies suggest that students in some countries are trying harder on low-stakes international assessments. What are the implications?
  • Pre-K, Plus a Little Extra, Can Help Close Math Gaps for Children in Poverty via EdWeek: MDRC finds that "low-income students who participated in both a math-focused preschool curriculum and extracurricular math clubs during their first year of school closed nearly 30 percent of the math achievement gap between themselves and their wealthier peers by the end of kindergarten."
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