On Our Radar - April 5

Great resources and ideas from around the web, updated weekly.

  • [EVENT] Dramatically Increasing Mobility from Poverty via the US Partnership on Mobility from Poverty: After two years of learning, this Gates Foundation-funded, Urban Institute-supported partnership will present “powerful, actionable ideas” about how to increase mobility from poverty at this event on May 3 in Washington, DC.
  • BUILD-ing Capacity for an Impact-oriented Philanthropy via Fondazione Lang Italia (h/t Public Profit): An interview with Kathy Reich, head of the Ford Foundation’s initiative to strengthen nonprofit capacity. “My perspective is that monitoring and evaluation should be a core function of any NPO and that if funders want grantees to be successful they need to support NPOs’ core functions.”
  • Why Policymakers Should Learn to Be Data Analysts via Governing: Despite the movement toward evidence-based policymaking, much of its promise “has failed to materialize because those in public institutions lack the experience needed for turning data into actionable insights through the effective use of data science.” Training initiatives are springing up to fill the gap.
  • An Elite Grad-School Degree Goes Online via Education Next: “Does online education simply substitute for in-person education or does it serve students who would not otherwise enroll?” Examining data from Georgia Tech’s computer science master’s degree program, the authors find evidence that its online version is attracting different applicants and has the potential to increase educational attainment.
  • Catalog of Administrative Data Sets via J-PAL North America: A searchable collection of US administrative data sets covering education, criminal justice, health, voting records, and more.
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