Summer 2019 Updates: Better Outcomes for Students


Empowering Practitioners to Drive the Evidence Train

Over the past two years, Project Evident has helped nonprofit partners take control of their data and generate evidence through the development of Strategic Evidence Plans: roadmaps for using evidence to inform decisions, make changes, and improve outcomes. We've learned that Strategic Evidence Plans have the greatest impact when practitioners are empowered by funders, researchers, and policymakers to use evaluation not primarily as a tool for accountability, but for continuous learning and program improvement. When evaluation serves as the research and development function of the social sector, practitioners can test and improve programs to achieve greater impact. 

Our new brief, "Empowering Practitioners to Drive the Evidence Train," outlines this new paradigm where practitioners drive their own learning agendas. First shared at an April 2019 Project Evident-Brookings Institution convening, it is our vision for what the next generation of evidence can look like.

Better Outcomes for Students

Building on our experience helping practitioners with Strategic Evidence Planning, tech tools, data analytics, and pay-for-outcomes assistance, which enhance our other evidence-building services, we are delighted to announce the launch of our first domain-specific practice. Our Education Practice will serve nonprofits, districts, and education funders with with a broad array of services, focused on building their capacity to generate and use evidence to improve decision making and deliver better outcomes for students.

The Education Practice will be led by Bi Vuong, who will join Project Evident in August as a Managing Director. Bi is a leader in the field of education whose significant experience includes serving as Director of Proving Ground at the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University and as Deputy CFO at The School District of Philadelphia.

Watch this space – we look forward to sharing updates about developments in our Education Practice!

New and Noteworthy

We are committed to building the field of data and evidence in the social sector by sharing knowledge and insights through resources, publications, and other vehicles.

Project Evident offers a comprehensive platform of tools, resources, and direct services that not only help practitioners and funders improve how they measure, evaluate, and report results, but also strengthen their alignment with each other. If you have questions on how to take control of your data and generate evidence for your organization, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you!