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Take control of your data and generate evidence to drive greater impact.
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 With the right tools, talent, training, and support, you can measure what matters and invest more in what works.


The Problem

Practitioners, funders, and researchers all want to see evidence that education and social sector programs make a difference. But funders want evidence practitioners don't always have, researchers develop evidence practitioners can't always use, and practitioners can be left with few answers about how best to build evidence.

We want to change that.


The Solution

By combining tools, technology, training and talent, we help you make evidence more meaningful and actionable. We're taking a different approach–one that's continuous and grounded in the needs of practitioners and funders—to make a real difference in the lives of the people and communities you serve.

Together, we can develop the next generation of evidence.


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I am Grateful — yes, with a capital G — that the
Project Evident team is coaching us to stretch our thinking, be intentional, and move strategically. I believe we are landing in a powerful place as we vamp up Board partnership and target organizational learning.
— Cynthia Cortez, Evaluation Director at Bresee Foundation

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