We’ll partner with you to help set and drive an agenda for evidence building that will improve program practices and outcomes for the benefit of your communities.

When we work together, we’ll start by looking at opportunities to strengthen your evidence-building capabilities across three core areas that we believe represent the greatest unmet needs: evaluation, policy and procurement, and data and technology. These needs lend themselves to the use of shared services and interdisciplinary teams–resources we align to deliver relevant, cost-effective solutions.

The direct services we offer include the development of strategic evidence plans, talent solutions, and technical assistance. We also offer an issue-specific Education Practice focused on improving outcomes for students and families No matter what sector or issue your organization is addressing, these services can provide you with everything you need to drive better outcomes and alignment.

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Strategic Evidence Plans (SEP)

At the heart of our partnerships are the co-creation of Strategic Evidence Plans or SEPs—multi-year roadmaps to accelerate our partners’ investments and activities for continuous evidence generation and program improvement, grounded in their operational realities and learning agendas.

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Talent Solutions

We help practitioners find outsourced or shared expert talent in data science, analysis, implementation, policy, and evaluation. We also offer Talent Accelerators that provide virtual, cohort-based professional development and peer-to-peer learning.

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Technical Assistance (TA)

We offer “a menu” of technical assistance (TA) offerings related to evaluation, technology and data, and outcome-based policy and procurement that allow organizations to engage in activities appropriate for their existing capacity and immediate needs:

» Customizing technology tools and training using low-cost or open-source solutions

» Developing theories of change, impact frameworks and evaluation plans

» Developing evidence-focused policy strategy and outcome-based procurement activities

» Developing a learning agenda and organizational culture for evidence building

» Supporting data collection and use, including data preparation, exploration, visualization, and advanced reporting

» Assessing data capacity and program implementation


Let’s partner on your evidence-building journey.