Our Story

Harnessing the power of evidence to achieve the greatest impact

Project Evident believes that the evaluation ecosystem is ready for a transformation, one in which nonprofits can take ownership of their own evidence building agendas and be supported by funders and policymakers with the same priorities for outcomes. Project Evident is forging that new path for nonprofits— giving them the power to control their destiny through the capacity to own their evidence— and building a system that will benefit all stakeholders and, most importantly, the greater good.

Whether you’re a nonprofit, foundation, or policy maker, Project Evident will be your trusted partner, advocate, and advisor in the pursuit of continuous evidence building and lasting social impact.

We help nonprofits and funders build capacity, access tools and talent, and connect to networks for the strategic use of data to build evidence. We leverage that experience to connect to others, including policymakers, to improve the data for evidence ecosystem and influence conditions for success. We’re a catalyst, igniting transformation so that nonprofits, funders, and researchers can work together to achieve lasting results.

Project Evident offers support to all stakeholders at each stage of their journey.

Project Evident brings together a strong interdisciplinary team that can provide expertise on every aspect of an organization’s evidence building process. We understand the evidence ecosystem deeply, and from every angle.

Our goal is to build a new evaluation ecosystem in which the evidence building goals of nonprofits, foundations, and policy makers are aligned to bring the collective focus back to making the greatest impact on the communities the nonprofits serve.