At Project Evident, we believe the world of evaluation is overdue for transformation.

More and more, philanthropy, impact investors, and policymakers are using data and evidence to inform their funding decisions. But funders, evaluators, and practitioners all have slightly different goals, and the dominant approach to evaluation remains slow, expensive, insufficient, and intermittent. As a result, the quality of impact data and evidence varies greatly.

Too often, practitioners are the caboose of the evidence train–reactive to funder or research demands–when they should be the engine. Funders seeking to partner with practitioners in problem solving and evidence building need new forms of engagement to ensure better outcomes. We support practitioners in taking leadership for their evidence-building agendas, and we help funders to support them in implementing evidence-building programs that focus on continuous learning and improvement.

Whether you’re a practitioner, foundation, or policymaker, we’ll partner with you and provide you with everything you need to strengthen your evidence-building muscles.

When you embark on your evidence-building journey, you’re faced with a series of tough questions: “What investments and activities should we prioritize? What’s the best way to collect, analyze, and report our data? How do we build up our capacity, skills, and expertise to practice evidence building in a sustainable way?”

Project Evident offers a comprehensive platform of tools and resources, direct services, and talent solutions that help practitioners and funders answer these questions and more—improving how they measure, evaluate, and report results, while strengthening their alignment with one another.

We combine diverse backgrounds and an interdisciplinary approach to meet your unique challenges and needs.

Project Evident was launched out of a commitment to the building and use of evidence and a deep dissatisfaction with the current approach. Our team is made up of leaders who left positions in philanthropy, impact investing, technology, policy, analytics, entrepreneurship, and nonprofit management with a shared goal of improving the ecosystem for evidence.

We began in 2017 as a proof of concept effort incubated by the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation and supported by 5 funders, to test alternative solutions to increase the supply of evidence-based approaches in the social sector and scale them faster. We believe in the power of direct services combined with field building, and we partner with others to make evidence building work better for practitioners and funders.

No matter who you are—big or small, startup or institution, data-savvy or allergic—Project Evident will meet you where you are. We bring together a strong interdisciplinary team that can provide expertise on every aspect of an organization’s evidence-building process.

We are committed to drawing on our collective experiences to share insights and lessons learned with those we serve and the social sector at large. Our goal is to build a healthier ecosystem for evidence that will benefit all stakeholders and, most importantly, the greater good.